Dr Choolani: A Lifelong Dedication To Research & Innovation

The pace of medical advances is accelerating all the time. In order to deliver the best care possible to the patients, it is vitally important for doctors to stay abreast of modern science and technology, and to adapt patient care to keep up with the latest evidence.

In most cases, pregnancy is a wondrous experience – a 40-week journey to be thoroughly enjoyed.

As women get older and watch their children grow up and build their own families, the golden years of our lives should also be a time to celebrate our lives, and enjoy our grandchildren.

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned: pregnancies miscarry, they get located outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy), the fetus could be affected by a genetic disorder, and in really sad cases, babies and mothers die. In other situations, women suffer from cancer, and sadly leave behind loved ones who continue to need them and miss them.

Dr Choolani believes that to be a complete doctor, one must not only learn well, teach well and treat well, but also to create new knowledge to better the lives of all women and their children. His research interests and publications have focused on making pregnancy safer, diagnosing fetal genetic conditions more effectively, helping women cope with the menopause, and on detecting ovarian cancer earlier.

Highlights of Dr Choolani’s research are listed in the upper left tabs under the following headings; Maternal Care, Fetal Care, Ovarian Cancer and Menopause Care