Menopause care, hormone therapy and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

Menopause marks the time when the ovaries cease to function normally. The accompanying drop in estrogen levels leads to many changes. Dr Choolani led a review of the existing literature on hormone replacement therapy. Many women have been led to shun HRT in the wake of breast cancer risk scares as few were aware of the current state of literature on the topic. Believing this confusion has caused more harm than good, Dr Choolani endeavoured to set the record straight.

Care of women in menopause: sexual function, dysfunction and therapeutic modalities

Polycystic ovaries

The estrogen receptor gene change in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovaries is a common but enigmatic condition affecting many young women in the childbearing age. This condition has an impact on fertility and also long term likelihood of diabetes and cancer.