Pap smears
Routine pap (cervical) smears can reduce the likelihood of cervical cancer. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) analysis increases the accuracy of screening.

Pelvic ultrasound scans
We offer routine pelvic ultrasound scans to assess the the uterus for endometrial thickening or polyps, and the ovaries for ovarian cysts.

Mammogram and an ultrasound of the breasts are recommended for women aged over forty, to help detect cysts, calcifications, or tumors within the breasts.

Bone mineral density scans are advised for women in the management of menopause. We offer a suite of blood tests to screen for general bone health, hormonal balance, vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Health Screening Packages
We advocate annual health screening for women, to help detect conditions early and prevent them from becoming debilitating illnesses. We offer a wide range of women’s screening packages to meet the needs of different women at various stages of life.

We provide comprehensive services based on the latest research and therapies for menopause management, with recommendations and insight into risks and benefits of the various options available today.